Northwest Passage and Greenland Expedition Cruise

Northwest Passage and Greenland Expedition Cruise



starting fromUS $15,900per person

  • Choose your own activities and experiences to enjoy between scenic train tours
  • Tailor your stay to perfectly suit your timeline and budget
Northwest Passage and Greenland Expedition Cruise  – Map
Sample trip map & photos – personalize your trip by adding extra nights and activities in each location
The Northwest Passage and Greenland Expedition Cruise
The Northwest Passage and Greenland Expedition Cruise
The powerful and agile expedition ship is a class 2 Icebreaker
Adventurers explore arctic glaciers by zodiac
Adventurers explore arctic glaciers by zodiac
Get ready to see the astonishing glaciers and ice formations you've heard about
A lone polar bear roams the Arctic landscape
A lone polar bear roams the Arctic landscape
Visit wildlife hot spots, such as polar bear feeding grounds
Historic grave sites
Historic grave sites
Travel back in time, as you explore the history of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition
See marine wildlife on-shore, such as walruses and ringed seals
Kayakers explore icebergs on a small guided tour
Kayakers explore icebergs on a small guided tour
Partake in the unique multi-day kayak program
  • Quick Overview

    What we love about this trip

    • Pristine and stunning Arctic wilderness

    • Onshore hikes and wildlife spottting

    • Wildlife such as polar bears, beluga whales, muscox

    • High crew to guest ratio

    • Expert guides with insider area knowledge

    • Class 2 Icebreaker research vessel

    • Team of resource specialists

    • Unique optional kayak program

    Travel back in time, along the paths of early Arctic explorers on this iconic small ship cruise expedition. As you travel along the Northwest Passage, explore the spectacular fjords and bays, view rare Arctic wildlife, and see other-wordly ice formations in Greenland.

    Trip Outline

    Depart Edmonton for Cambridge Bay King William Island Prince of Wales Island Prince Leopold Island Beechey Island Devon Island Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet) Ilulissat Sisimiut Kangerlussuaq Ottawa *Itinerary may vary to accommodate wildlife sightings and weather

  • Sample Itinerary
    Think of this itinerary as just a starting point. Our experienced Canadian Insiders will create a personalized experience for you that matches your schedule, travel style and budget.

    Day 1 – Arrive in Edmonton
    Today your adventure begins as you fly to Edmonton, Alberta and spend the night at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. Meet your group this evening for a briefing on tomorrow’s events.

    Day 2 – Edmonton to Cambridge Bay
    Depart Edmonton on a charter flight to Cambridge Bay, a remote outpost above the Arctic Circle. Located on the southern shores of Victoria Island. Enjoy a walking tour of the town before boarding your expedition ship, the Akademik Sergey Vavilov. A welcome reception kicks off your Arctic adventure, before you cast off for the fabled Northwest Passage.

    Day 3 – King William Island and Victory Point
    As the ship charts a course into the Northwest Passage, The Captain aims to visit Victory Point, travelling very near the location of the wreck of HMS Erebus, one of the lost ships of the doomed Franklin Expedition of 1845. The Academic Sergey Vavilov and her team were part of the expedition which discovered the sunken Franklin vessels, so make sure to take advantage of the onboard presentations. The second ship, the HMS Terror, has just been discovered.

    Day 4 – Prince of Wales Island
    This morning the ship arrives at Conningham Bay on the shore of Prince of Wales. This is one of the most remarkable wildlife sites in the Arctic – here you’ll see polar bears feeding on Beluga whales, and it is not unusual to find the shoreline littered with whale skeletons and well-fed looking bears!

    Day 5 – Prince Leopold Island
    Today the ship sails the Bellot Strait. The rich waters in this strait provide abundant food for marine mammals, so keep your eyes peeled for harp seals, bearded seals and even polar bears. In addition you’ll visit the historic site of Fort Ross, a former fur trading outpost, located at the southern end of Somerset Island. Archaeological sites nearby reveal the centuries of habitation by the Inuit people, and their predecessors.

    Day 6 – Beechey Island
    Beechey Island holds a special place in Arctic history. It is here that Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition was last seen, before disappearing into the icy vastness. A trip ashore at Beechey Island to visit the grave markers is haunting, as you imagine the struggle for Franklin’s team to survive in the harsh Arctic winter.

    Day 7 – Devon Island
    Cruising the coastline of Devon Island, you will be travelling the wildlife ‘super highway’ of the Arctic. An old RCMP outpost makes for unique photographs against the stunning landscape, and Muskox and Arctic hare may be seen as you hike the area.

    Day 8 – Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet)
    Today you’ll travel the wild north coast of Baffin Island. The vast landscapes of Sirmilik National Park surround you as the ship approaches the remote Inuit community of Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet). A highlight will be a visit to the Natinnak Centre, where a fascinating cultural exhibit showcases daily life, culture and history of the people of the north. Meeting local Inuit will be a highlight, as they demonstrate traditional Inuit games.

    Day 9 – Gibbs Fjord
    Today you are treated to the spectacular Gibbs Fjord. The expedition ship will feel almost engulfed by the giant peaks and snowy glaciers as you cruise along.

    Day 10 – Baffin Bay
    As you cross Baffin Bay today, your team of onboard experts will continue to educate you on the history and wildlife of the Arctic, while naturalists keep watch for fulmars and dovekies, pilot whales and perhaps even orca. As the ship approaches Greenland, the likelihood increases of spotting some of the big baleen whale species.

    Day 11 – Ilulissat
    Today cruise into one of the wonders of the world, the Jacobshavn Icefjord – a UNESCO World Heritage site. The glacier that creates these stunning icebergs advances at over 40 metres per day, creating around 50 cubic kilometres of ice each year. The approach to Ilulissat is dependent on the amount of ice in and around the mouth of the fjord. Your Captain and officers are skilled ice navigators and the ship has one of the highest ice ratings of any vessel exploring Arctic waters.

    Day 12 – Sisimiut
    Today explore some more of the fjord, before visiting the beautiful town of Sisimiut. Here cheerfully colourful houses contrast against a dark granite peak in the background. If you’re lucky, the traditional Greenlandic kayakers will demonstrate the art of ‘Eskimo rolling.’

    Day 13 – Kangerlussuaq
    See one of the world’s longest fjords, Sondre Stromfjord, tower above the ship, and venture out by zodiac to explore the side fjords with your guides. Here you may see Muscox on-shore, and the white-tailed sea eagle soaring above you. This is a great day for hiking.

    Day 14 – Flight to Ottawa
    Today you say farewell to your group and guides, as a flight takes you back to Ottawa where you’ll stay overnight at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.

    Day 15 – Depart
    Check out of your hotel, and make your way independently to the Ottawa airport, or ask us about adding time Ottawa, or perhaps taking the train to explore Quebec.
  • What's Included
    • Itinerary/pre-departure information, including extensive program of relevant educational presentations
    • Service of experiences team of naturalists
    • Assistance from resident photographer
    • All Zodiac excursions
    • On board welcome reception & on board welcome dinner
    • One Ocean Farewell Dinner (hosted by the Captain)
    • All meals during the voyage prepared by onboard chefs
    • Afternoon tea with fresh snacks each afternoon
    • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate throughout the day
    • Onboard medical officer
    • Access to special programs on board (such as hiking, photography, etc)
    • Use of multimedia station.
    • Kayaking activity at an extra cost at US$695 per person (if you wish to participate please let us know at • time of booking as there is limited space).
    • Full arctic weather gear set including boots and binoculars
    • Transfers to your charter flight, and ground transfers to and from the ship
    • Accommodation in Edmonton (pre-night) and Ottawa (post-night)

    Please note that all guests are required to fill out a medical questionnaire upon booking, and may be required to provide a doctor’s consent form.


    Not Included

    Kayaking program at an extra cost at US$695 per person (if you wish to participate please let us know at time of booking as there is limited space).
    Airfare from your home town
    Personal laundry charges
    Postage, telephone calls, alcoholic and soft drinks, medical expenses
    Trip interruption / cancellation insurance, or travel medical insurance including medical evacuation (mandatory)
    Gratuities to staff and crew ($30 per day, per passenger is recommended)

    Get your personalized itinerary before availability is gone. Because we're now booking into 2019

    • Choose your activities and experiences to enjoy between scenic train tours.
    • Tailor your stay to perfectly suit your timeline and budget.
  • Accommodations

    Below you'll find examples of this trip's accommodation choices. Please call us for the full list or advice on how to customize your experience.

    Akademik Sergey Vavilov Expedition Ship

    An example of our expedition cruise accommodations

    The Akademik Sergey Vavilov is simple, comfortable, and agile Arctic expedition vessel. Rated a class 2 ice breaker, her captain is able to quickly change course to follow wildlife - where other expedition ships may get left behind. From small group sessions to briefings for all passengers, public spaces onboard the ship ideally suited for each and every need. A separate lounge and bar with panoramic views, as well as a library provide ideal places to sit and relax or catch up on some reading. Other facilities include a lounge, theater style presentation room, gift-shop, fitness room, massage room, hot water spa, sauna and plunge pool.


  • Prices & Dates
    2018 Start Dates
    August 11*
    August 23**

    * August 11 start date begins in Ottawa and ends in Edmonton
    ** August 23 start date begins in Edmonton and ends in Ottawa


    Prices listed may vary by departure date, hotel class and degree of personalization. Please speak with one of our travel advisors to get a personalized quote.

    Twin Private Cabin
    from US $15,900to US $17,172per person

    Twin Private Cabins are spacious, well appointed cabins featuring two lower berths, one of which can be converted to a sofa during the day, with private washroom facilities, sink, shower, toilet and bathroom cabinet. There are tall wardrobes with internal shelving for storage, a writing desk, chair, bookshelf, and a window that can be opened.

    Superior Cabin
    from US $16,899to US $18,251per person

    Superior Cabins feature two lower berths, a comfortable sofa, a writing desk and chair and plenty of storage space, private washroom facilities and several portholes which open. These cabins provide great access to the outer decks, ship reception and dining room and the expedition mudroom where you prepare for your off-ship excursions.

    Shakleton Suite
    from US $18,299to US $19,763per person

    Shackleton Suite type cabins are separated into two spacious rooms, one that is ideal for relaxation with a sofa convertible to bed, large table, writing desk, chair, ample storage and a large window that can be opened. The separate private bedroom features one large lower bed.

    One Ocean Suite
    from US $19,299to US $20,843per person

    One Ocean Suite is the most spacious cabin of the ship. It is separated into two rooms and a private bathroom with bathtub and shower. The well appointed lounge area features a sofa and large windows overlooking the bow (forward facing) that can be opened. The separate bedroom features a double bed.

  • Common Questions

    Will it be cold when I visit Canada in summer?

    The temperature varies from mild to hot, depending on location. Northern Canada will range between 50°F to 64°F (10°C – 18°C) in summer. The interior of BC, prairies, Ontario and Quebec can reach temperatures around 95°F (35°C). Canada's west coast, mountain regions, and Maritimes enjoy milder summer temperatures. They range on average from 59°F to 77°F (15°C – 25°C).

    What are the best ways to travel around Canada on my vacation

    Canada has a network of spectacular roadways, train routes, ferry crossings, and float planes. We can arrange for you to travel by car or to sit back and relax.

    Is it safe to drive in the mountains?

    New visitors will drive with ease because of the wide and well maintained roadways. We'll ensure your trip includes the most spectacular and safest routes throughout your trip.

    When is the best time to see wildlife?

    That depends on the destination and type. As a rule, the main feeding and migration seasons are best for wildlife experiences. Tell us which animals interest you and we'll make your trip coincide with the best viewing season.

    Are your tours escorted?

    No, but you'll feel like it is with all your connections and experiences prearranged. Our clients love the freedom and flexibility it gives them. Some of our wildlife experiences are small group tours led by specialist guides.

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Get your personalized itinerary before availability is gone. Because we're now booking into 2019

  • Choose your activities and experiences to enjoy between scenic train tours.
  • Tailor your stay to perfectly suit your timeline and budget.